To err is human: Introduction to modern safety thinking

In the last 40 years, the philosophy of safety and reliability has changed dramatically in the world of high risk industries. This has prompted many organizations in various risk-prone fields to adopt new methods and processes and sometimes even undergo a radical cultural and managerial change. However, the software industry remained largely oblivious of these advancements despite the similarities in failures and systems. After all, most systems today are software managed whether they run a nuclear reactor or a website builder. We’re used to think of “Failure” as something exceptional, to be handled in a special way or avoided: If only we did that, If only we didn’t do this… Things happen for a reason, they have a Root Cause. This talk will present the major concepts of new-era safety thinking, namely the move from Safety I and “Human Error” to Safety II and Systems Thinking and help you start your Resilience Engineering journey.